Trends on the web

As I mentioned before on the blog, I find trends fascinating.
A few months ago, you would have heard me say that trends were kind of superficial, but the module 2 of the e-course of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design really changed my point of view. There is a whole great world behind trends, and learning where to spot them and how to use them is one of the most interesting things I learned lately.

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Sketchbook #2

Spots and marks

Last time (and first!) I published parts of my sketchbook was on the 1st of March, so I thought why not publish my last pages, drawings and paintings on the 31st? Plus it will allow me to show you the preparation process for two recent patterns I created; so let’s go!

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The watercolor coffee makers project

Hello there!

I don’t know if I already told you this, but I love illustration very much. In fact, it’s more about pretty drawings than illustration so to speak. I recently realized, after my personal creative questioning day, that I missed drawing from observation. I missed creating figurative images my own way (I created quite a few abstract patterns lately). So I decided to draw some coffee makers (I love coffee, so I love coffee makers!). Here is the process I went through and what I created from this idea!

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